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I guess it was that easy.

I met a girl that only gets more beautiful as time goes on, somehow even the dullest of moments are enjoyable when shes around. The life I lead now is pretty awesome and if she sticks around maybe it can get better. A relationship could be a rough change from how things are now. I turn sex down daily for the fact that it comes too easy. I would miss that.

Lost and Found

I think I finally know what I want to do with my life.  Big steps are the hardest ones to take.


“Euphonia” - The Creepy Talking Machine

From the unsettling annals of the Uncanny Valley comes this archival photo of an invention by a German immigrant named Joseph Faber, who exhibited his creation in December, 1845 at the Musical Fund Hall in Philadelphia. By working a foot pedal-driven bellows and a keyboard, Faber was able to make his “Wonderful Talking Machine” mimic human speech. Most who saw her were disturbed by Euphonia’s disembodied head and otherworldly voice, or else were convinced it was a ventriloquist fake. Faber expected his invention to earn him fame and fortune, but eventually he committed suicide when it went largely ignored by an unappreciative public. But Melville Bell was in attendance and later described the apparatus to his son, Alexander Graham Bell.

I’m going to Spooky World this weekend

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Yesterday I made a list of everything I needed including picking up my friend. Today I packed. Now I wait. I work six days a week and am training for the marines. Words cannot express how much I need a vacation. This is the last time I can say “I partied the hardest” and really believe myself when I say it.

I love everything about this show.

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